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Looking into the Tunnels

August 2007

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[fma] ishbal

woodface in metabender

Episode Post: 2x18 The Earth King

Sorry I forgot to get this up yesterday evening. If you want to discuss the new episode, feel free to do so in the comments.

Spoilers ahoy. Obviously.



Yeah, that's my general impression of this episode. Dude, this has so much. In itself, the first part of the episode is pretty simple and things are finally going right for the gang and then they slam you at the end.

I guess this does mean that Suki is most likely dead. I'm trying to remain hopeful, but it doesn't look good. I think that's what scares me the most.

Zuko's visions are interesting. I'm afraid that Iroh might be wrong about the way he's going to come out of this, though. It feels like they were pretty much implying that Zuko is even more pushing himself away from what Aang is trying to do. Then again, his mother was in there and I know there's a lot of speculation about Zuko possibly going to find Ursa. I'm not very hopeful that she's alive, though.

It's weird seeing the gang go their seperate way. Toph already is in trouble and Katara will be very soon. It won't be too long before she gets a good look at Azula. I'm half expecting Lung Fei to be an idiot and allie himself to Azula which will end with him most likely being dealt with as soon as Azula succeeds in her goals.

Wow, lost of flailage on television this week.


SUKI CANNOT BE DEAD! She's one of the only female characters that is an extremely strong fighter without simaltaneously being able to bend an element! She's probably just running around the woods in her underclothes is all... *smacks herself* Must remember not to put ideas in smut fic writers heads dammit!